Rebel Station bring a fresh energy and modern perspective to old-school, melodic punk rock.

We formed in late 2014, bringing together former members of Leicester punks First Wave and Oxford pop-punkers The Small Things. Monkey, Tommi and Captain Impetuous then spent the next 3 years building a reputation across West Oxfordshire and beyond for high-energy and original songs, before the Captain left to pursue his motorbike racing ambitions.

In early 2018, we were joined on drums by Witham, hugely talented professional drum tutor and former member of Riot Grrl act Fight Rosa Fight. We have since gone on to perform at Rebellion festival, as well as supporting many of the big names in punk, from The Lurkers and Vice Squad to Anti Pasti, ANWL and Peter and the Testtube Babies.

In September 2019, Witham took time out for "Maternity leave", ably backfilled by the talented Will Squier, formerly of UK's Lowest and Kearney's Jig, who drummed for us for a handful of appearances, including our first foray abroad, playing at Dublin's Fibber Magee's. In late 2020, and planning for the post-COVID future, Will spent some time practising with us on bass guitar, with Tommi switching from bass to guitar.

With lockdown dispensed with, Will moved away to pursue another project and we recruited Bill, a.k.a. Steve, a.k.a. the beardy man, onto bass duties.

Next up, in Sep 2022, Monkey decided to move on and look for other musical projects. We wish him all the best.

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